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The Kirkdale Lecture & the Kirkdale Monograph Series

The Kirkdale Lecture is delivered annually in St Gregory’s Minster, as part of The Friends’ Weekend, which is usually held in the second weekend of May. For information concerning the next due Lecture, see 'Current News' pages.

The Lecture - open to all, admission free, is on a topic relating to St Gregory’s Minster and the parish of Kirkdale within the wider context of Ryedale and the North of England, broadly treated.

Saturday 11th May 2019


Professor Harold Mytum, Liverpool University

The rise of popular churchyard commemoration:

the Ryedale experience in its national and international context

The Trustees also publish a Kirkdale Monograph Series, based primarily upon selected Lectures. Monographs so far published:

Gordon Leff, Alcuin of York and the Foundations of Medieval Education

- The Kirkdale Lecture 1994; Kirkdale 2007; ISBN 05-2-X

Richard Fletcher, St Gregory’s Minster Kirkdale

- Kirkdale 2003; ISBN 0-9542605-1-1

S. A. J. Bradley, Orm Gamalson’s Sundial: The Lily’s Blossom and the Roses’ Fragrance

- The Kirkdale Lecture 1997; Kirkdale 2002; ISBN 0-9542605-0-3

Matthew Townend, Scandinavian Culture in Eleventh-Century Yorkshire

- The Kirkdale Lecture 2007; Kirkdale 2007; ISBN 0-9542605-3-8

David Goodway, Herbert Read: Yorkshireman, Anarchist, Modernist

- The Kirkdale Lecture 2008; Kirkdale 2009; ISBN 0-9542605-4-6

Thomas Pickles, From Minsters to Parish Churches: Power, Religious Patronage and Pastoral Care in Early Medieval Ryedale

- The Kirkdale Lecture 2009; Kirkdale 2012; ISBN 0-9542605-5-4

S. A. J. Bradley (tr), When the Danes most greatly persecuted them. Two Anglo-Saxon voices from the height of the viking atrocities of the early 11th century

- Kirkdale Occasional Series; Kirkdale 2012; ISBN 0-9542605-7-0

Janet Burton, Monasteries and Parishes in medieval Yorkshire

- The Kirkdale Lecture 2010; Kirkdale, 2012; ISBN 0-9542605-6-2

Bill Sheils, A Quiet Reformation: The Church in Ryedale from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century

- The Kirkdale Lecture 2011; Kirkdale 2014; ISBN 0-9542605-8-9

John Toy, The Cult of St Olaf in England

- The Kirkdale Lecture 2015; Kirkdale 2017; ISBN 0-9542605-9-7

Copies may be purchased from the bookstall in the church. A pricelist and order form may be obtained from:

The Honorary Secretary


Telephone: 07568 319706