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Written in stone..


+ Orm Gamalson bought St Gregory's Minster when it was all ruined and collapsed and he caused it to be made anew from the ground for Christ and for St Gregory in the days of Edward the King and in the days of Tosti the Earl +

(Translation of the dedication on the two outer panels)


The record of the first named Friend of St Gregory's Minster, on the Anglo-Saxon sundial, c.1060. With a grant from The Friends, the sundial has recently (January 2018) been cleaned of algae, and various steps are under consideration for improving the microclimate around it.


“The Friends of St Gregory’s Minster” is a charity registered with the Charity Commission

Charity Number 700344.

Our Patrons: Dr Francis Jackson CBE; The Rt. Revd. Fr. Cuthbert Madden, Abbot of Ampleforth; Professor Emeritus Gordon Leff, University of York


The primary objects of The Friends shall be to co-operate with the Joint Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Kirkdale and St Hilda’s in the preservation and maintenance of the fabric and curtilage of St Gregory’s Minster including the provision of utility services thereto and such other facilities there for the benefit of the congregation and visitors as may be requisite from time to time and secondly to promote public education in the building, its history and its work, and for all these purposes to seek to bring together all those who have a common interest and regard for this ancient Minster.

- Extract from the Constitution

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